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United for Ukraine

ukraine refugee fund

more than $2.2 million raised as of May 17, 2022

thank you matching gift contributors

George Albrecht
Christine and Alan Curtis
Eduardo and Missy de Guardiola
Fanjul Family
Huckleberry Foundation
Jim and Irene Karp
Howard and Michele Kessler
Bill and Marilyn Lane Family Foundation
Phyllis and Bill Mack
Nicola and Jeff Marcus
Robert and Lynda Nitabach
Joe and Susan Plumeri
John and Jana Scarpa
Susan and Dom Telesco

Thank you to the many generous contributors who have donated to the Town of Palm Beach United Way Ukraine Refugee Fund.  The fund was created on March 4 to support Ukrainian refugees impacted by the Russian invasion of their country.  We appreciate your generosity as we continue to support Ukrainian men, women and children whose lives have been upended and whose futures are uncertain.  More than 6 million Ukrainians have fled their country since Russia began its invasion on February 24, according to the U.N. refugee agency.

100% of all money donated will benefit ukrainian refugees.

fund distributions

as of june 15, 2022, the town of Palm beach united way has distributed $1.75 million

world central kitchen - $400,000 grant

World Central Kitchen is distributing nourishing food and fresh meals across Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain. The agency is working with local restaurants, caterers, and food trucks to provide fresh and comforting meals to families at border crossings, reception centers, shelters, and other locations along their journey. They have served over 25 million meals since the conflict began. In addition to hot meals, WCK is distributing bulk food product including produce and dry goods to restaurant partners in Ukraine to supplement the strained food supply chain.


Photos courtesy World Central Kitchen

americares - $400,000 GRANT

Americares is focused on providing medicine and medical supplies to people inside Ukraine and those who have fled to neighboring countries. To date, they have provided over 110 tons of supplies to Ukraine, including antibiotics, insulin, IV fluids, wound care supplies and trauma kits. The agency is also providing emergency funding to 37 international partners to support psychosocial services, counseling and trauma-focused behavioral therapy for children and adults.


Left Photo: Team members in Americares Global Distribution Center in Connecticut prepare shipments of medicine and relief supplies for the Ukraine crisis on March 1, 2022 (Photo/Mike Demas).
Center/Right Photos: Members of a partner organization in Ukraine pack up and transport medical supplies and medicine from Americares to be distributed to a medical facility that has been converted into a trauma center for the wounded following the Russian invasion. March 22, 2022. (Photo Credit: Razom)

global empowerment mission - $500,000 GRANT

With warehouses in Ukraine, Poland and Hungary, Global Empowerment Mission is providing emergency aid such as food, water, medicine, hygiene kits, and other basic necessities all across Ukraine. Their team is also providing relocation assistance, including transportation, housing, and case workers.


Photos courtesy Global Empowerment Mission

the american jewish joint distribution committee - $200,000 GRANT

The JDC is evacuating and caring for Ukraine's displaced Jews. Services include transportation, welfare centers, food, medicine, financial assistance, and emergency hotlines. The agency is also offering food and initial support to non-Jewish refugees in need of help. JDC is also working with partners in Israel and Ukraine to transport humanitarian aid, food, and medications to relief organizations in need of supplies.


Photos courtesy JDC

st. jude global alliance - $100,000 grant

St. Jude Global Alliance - a worldwide initiative of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is helping evacuate Ukraine children battling cancer to hospitals and clinics that can help them continue their treatment. To date, the agency has assisted over 1,000 children and families with transport to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in the U.S. and treatment centers throughout Europe and Canada. The agency's efforts also includes translating medical records and coordinating convoys from Ukraine to Poland. 


Photos courtesy ALSAC – The fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®

project hope - $100,000 grant

Project HOPE is on the ground responding to the Ukraine crisis and is actively shipping essential medicines and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians. The agency is currently partnering with a non-governmental organization in Ukraine to purchase and transport pharmaceuticals and medical supplies across the country, including insulin, needles, sutures, and gauzes. Its team on the ground is also conducting assessments of health facilities to determine needs and how Project HOPE and partners can best fulfill gaps.


Left Photo: Inga, a Project HOPE translator, works with SAMU team members to perform a health assessment of Galina, a 62-year-old Ukrainian refugee living at the Bulboaca Refugee Settlement in Moldova. Photo by Jon Brack / Project HOPE.
Center Photo: Volunteers in yellow jackets hand out food to Ukrainian refugees checking ride message boards at the Krakow train station in Poland. Photo by James Buck / Project HOPE.
Right Photo: Ukrainian refugees enter Moldova at the Palanca border crossing, the busiest in the country and the closest to Odessa. They then board buses to travel into Moldova and most often onward to Romania and further west. Photo by Jon Brack / Project HOPE.

world vision - $50,000 grant

World Vision is supporting refugees in Romania, Moldova, Georgia and other Eastern European countries who have been forcibly displaced due to the crisis in Ukraine. The organization is providing emergency food assistance, temporary shelter assistance, hygiene kits, educational and psychological support and other essential aid.


Left Photo: A social worker with World Vision's Romania office catches a ball from 2-year-old Dima outside a child play area World Vision has set up along the border with Ukraine. ©World Vision
Center Photo: World Vision staff greet children and women at the border of Romania from Ukraine, where escalating conflict has displaced millions of people. ©World Vision
Right Photo: World Vision staff pass out food and supplies to refugee children and families who crossed into Romania after fleeing fighting in their hometowns in Ukraine. ©World Vision


As the crisis evolves, the Town of Palm Beach United Way will continue to identify additional partners on the ground to support the needs of Ukraine's displaced citizens.

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