Loyal Contributors

Loyal contributors have helped improve the lives of countless people
in palm beach county now and for generations to come.


If you have been giving at any level to the Town of Palm Beach United Way for 10 years or more, you are a Loyal Contributor.
These 10 years do not have to be consecutive.

Loyal contributors are among our most dedicated supporters.  This unique group of individuals is strongly committed to improving education, income and health to create lasting change right here at home.  Members' faithful support puts more diplomas into the hands of proud graduates, helps more families get on solid financial ground and ensures more individuals have access to quality medical care.  Their persistent generosity allows the Town of Palm Beach United Way to continue investing in the sustainable change we all want to see in our community.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for all you have done for so many people in our community.
Donors for 25 years or more   |   Donors for 20 - 24 years   |   Donors for 15 - 19 years   |   Donors for 10 - 14 years

Are you a loyal contributor? Please let us know.


If you have been contributing to Town of Palm Beach United Way for over 10 years we want to recognize your dedication.

Please contact Beth Walton at bethwalton@palmbeachunitedway.org or call 561-655-1919.