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Food Drive

In total we collected a significant amount of food from 66 cars during the drive thru drop off at the Flagler Museum.  We also raised nearly $9,000. 
Our partner agencies El Sol and The Glades Initiative were overjoyed to pick up the donations, which will benefit so many of their clients who are in need.


food drive donors

Suzanne and Michael Ainslie
Larry and Susan Alexander
Neil and Vicki Aronstam
James Ballentine
Zully Betron
Ellen H. Block
Sybil de Bourbon-Parme
Roy Cacciaguida
Danielle Cameron
Anne P. Carmichael
Carol Casey
Aaron Chaskelson
Vivian Chen
Gail Coniglio
Carla Cove
Susan and Christopher Cowie
Karen Crea
Alan and Christine Curtis
Lisa Donna Cushman
Richard and Rosalita Davidson
Kathy Delaney
Laura Evans
Mickey and Charlie Feldberg
Jeanne Firogenis
Judy Floodstrand
Douglas E.J. Fredricks
Mark and Mary Freitas
Mary Ellen Gardner
Dr. Philip Gassman
Mr. and Mrs. David Gerstein
Sue Gibson
Sherri Gilbert
Martha Glasser
Allison Goff
Martha Greenwald
Mary Harrington
Marla Hoffpauer
Marjorie and Neri Holzer
Taffy Hopkins
Jo Ann Jackson
Bertil and Joyce Kjellgren
Page Kjellstrom
Kristen Lambert
Betty Levin
Erin Manning
Clyde and Diane McNeal
Jean and Wayne Meisenzahl
Jeannette Murphy
Heidi and John Niblack
Denise-Marie Nieman
Paul Noble and Paulette Cooper
Palm Beach Flagler Rotary Club
Gina Pampena
Geryl Pearl
MK Perry
Mary Lou Poisson
Kenneth Pushko
Greg and Jessica Ransom
Joyce Reingold
Frank Louis Robilotto
June and Tim Rooney
Lyn Ross
Richard and Barbara Rothschild
Badia Salahi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Selverian
John Shaffer
Miriam Sharfman
Betsy Sorrel
Louise and Barry Snyder
Ann Sorgenti
Susan O. Taylor
Norma and Bill Tiefel
Peggy and Peter Trethewey
Debra Vasilopoulos and Employees of IBERIABANK Palm Beach
Jeane Von Oppenheim
Joni Weiner
Karl Wellner
Susan and Robert Ziff