Tocqueville Society

The Alexis de Tocqueville Society is a group of local philanthropists
who set the standard for exceptional giving.


Membership in the Society is granted to individuals who give $10,000 or more each year to the Town of Palm Beach United Way.

This year's Society is chaired by Kimberly and Scott Goodwin and Josephine and Jason Kalisman.


Members of the Alexis de Tocqueville Society receive an invitation to an annual cocktail reception and the annual Tocqueville Award Dinner at Club Colette.  They also receive recognition in a yearly leadership booklet and regular advertisements in the Palm Beach Daily News and Palm Beach Society Magazine.  For more information about how to become a Town of Palm Beach United Way Tocqueville Society member please contact Beth Walton at or 561-655-1919.

Tocqueville Society Pledge Card

Leadership Book

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Tocqueville Donors

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The Town of Palm Beach United Way's Alexis de Tocqueville Society was established in 1988 with Pat and Ned Cook serving as its first chairmen.  Original founding members were Ann and Nathan Appleman, Miren and Willis du Pont, Joan and Murray Goodman, Betty and Francis Guyott, Leni and Peter May and Claudia and Nelson Peltz.  The Society was created to recognize exceptional community leaders who are committed to changing lives in Palm Beach County now and for generations to come.  Throughout the decades, Palm Beach has led the nation in per-capita United Way giving and received several fundraising awards from the United Way of America.

Tocqueville leadership giving is the backbone of the Town of Palm Beach United Way.  Generous gifts from individual donors are what make it possible for us to improve lives, strengthen communities and partner with others to create long-lasting changes that prevent problems from happening in the first place.  

Since its inception, the society has raised more than $98 million for the needs in Palm Beach County.

Distinguished Citizen Award

The Alexis de Tocqueville Society "Distinguished Citizen Award" was established in 1990.  The award is presented annually
to an individual or couple who embody the American spirit of giving and volunteerism witnessed by Alexis de Tocqueville
as he traveled the United States in the mid 1800s.

The 2024 recipient is Alan Curtis


2023 - James R. Borynack
2022 - Irene and Jim Karp
2019 - Norma and Bill Tiefel
2018 - Jana and John Scarpa
2017 - Michele Kessler
2016 - Tom Quick
2015 - Danielle Hickox Moore
2014 - Patricia L. Cook
2013 - Bud Tamarkin
2012 - Stanley Rumbough
2011 - Lesly Smith

2010 - Marjorie Fisher
2009 - Sydelle Meyer
2008 - Daniel Ponton
2007 - Ruth and Edward Hennessy
2006 - Bob and Mary Montgomery
2005 - Ruth and Carl Shapiro
2004 - Nicki and J. Ira Harris
2003 - Paul Leone
2002 - Gene Ribakoff
2001 - Anita Michaels
2000 - Christine Curtis

1999 - Mary Alice Fortin
1998 - Helen Cluett
1997 - Sidney Kohl
1996 - Edward Cook
1995 - Alex Dreyfoos
1994 - Ann Appleman
1993 - John Brogan
1992 - Nate Appleman
1991 - Frances Hufty
1990 - Doyle Rogers