HomeSafe creates safer, more productive lives for infants, children, young adults, and families. The agency provides comprehensive programs preventing new cases of violence, protecting victims of child abuse and domestic violence, and preparing children, young adults and families for safer, more productive lives.



2023-2024 United Way Funded Programs

Academic Cash Incentives is a program that recognizes the hard work and efforts of foster children as they attempt to achieve academic excellence in school in spite of their vast challenges. The program provides a formalized incentive program that pays out cash rewards for efforts such as completing assignments, earning passing grades, preventing detention, attending class, and aspiring to attend college or vocational school.


SafetyNet offers a full spectrum of prevention and intervention services for victims of family violence, including year-round adult, teen, and child therapeutic support groups, individual therapy, crisis intervention, preventive education and court advocacy. The goal is to prevent the cycle of violence from perpetuating from generation to generation.