El Sol



El Sol improves the quality of life for the community of Jupiter by providing services to day-laborers and their families. El Sol offers services in seven different program areas: Labor, Adult Education, Health, Community Life, Legal, Food and Nutrition, and Youth Development.

Website: https://friendsofelsol.org


2023-2024 United Way Funded Programs

El Sol's English as a Second Language program offers clients the opportunity to learn English, integrate into the community, and acquire jobs. Curriculum focuses on navigating the American healthcare and financial systems, and teaches vocabulary for work and everyday life. Students also learn the norms of American culture by having teachers explain idiomatic expressions, terms, and traditions. 


El Sol’s Kitchen provides breakfast, a to-go lunch, and hot meals for day laborers waiting for work in El Sol’s Labor Hall in Jupiter.   The program ensures day laborers receive at least one balanced meal a day and gives them the energy needed to complete hard outdoor work. Clients also benefit by saving money earned from work for bills rather than food expenses.