The Arc of the Glades



The Arc of The Glades is composed of compassionate and caring professional and paraprofessional employees.
The agency is dedicated to helping adults with cognitive and developmental disorders. Through various services and programs, individuals are able to learn vocational skills, improve social interaction, and enhance their daily lives.


2022-2023 United Way Funded Programs

The Education, Employment and Training program focuses on core skills needed to help individuals with developmental disabilities increase independence and employment.  The Arc uses an array of activities to help promote learning such as work crews, classroom activities, group and 1:1 sessions with instructors, online curriculums, employment simulation, career counseling information and referral, and virtual reality.


The goal of Supported Living is to provide the needed supports for individuals with developmental disabilities to successfully interact with the community and to progressively increase levels of independence and self-reliance.  Supported Living provides a coach to assist in the matters of daily life, including developing personal budgets, apartment hunting, negotiating rents, housekeeping, shopping, and medical care.