Alzheimer’s Community Care



Alzheimer’s Community Care Is Dedicated To Promoting And Providing Community-Based, Family-Centered Care For Patients And Their Caregivers Living With Neurocognitive Disorders, Through The Belief, Where There Is Help, There Is Hope.



2023-2024 United Way Funded Programs

Family Nurse Consultants are licensed registered and practical registered nurses trained in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-specific disorders that work directly with caregivers and patients, providing emotional support, disease education, guidance, and connections to community resources throughout all stages of the disease.


The Specialized Alzheimer's Day Care Program is part of a holistic model of care that equips families with resources to care for their loved one with Alzheimer’s throughout the disease progression. The program provides comprehensive dementia-specific patient care at 8 centers across Palm Beach County, that lessens the impact of behaviors associated with Alzheimer's disease, while family caregivers receive respite from the challenges of 24/7 care giving.