Achievement Centers For Children & Families



Achievement Centers for Children & Families is a community based, family focused organization dedicated to providing opportunities where under-resourced children may thrive in a positive environment. Programs support educational growth, skill-building and healthy lifestyles which create a positive and lasting impact on a child.


2023-2024 United Way Funded Programs

Achievement Centers’ Early Learning Program serves toddlers and pre-school children ages 1 to 5 in Delray Beach and surrounding areas by providing affordable, accredited early learning programming to help them bridge the gap between their academic and social-emotional performance and that of their more privileged peers.


Achievement Centers’ Out of School Program currently serves middle school students, ages 11-13, with afterschool and weekend programming.  The program provides a safe place for middle school children to come after school each day to engage in enrichment and recreational activities and receive assistance with homework. Through these programs, students are involved in positive pro-social relationships and activities to help them build a positive sense of self and community.