Center for Child Counseling



Center for Child Counseling focuses on promoting positive mental health for children, families, and our community. The agency supports thousands of children each year, preventing and healing the effects of adverse childhood experiences and trauma, while promoting resiliency and healthy relationships. Therapists provide gold-standard, evidence-based early intervention and mental health treatment to support children, teenagers, and families facing everyday challenges, difficulties adjusting to loss or life's changes, and adverse experiences or trauma that impact healthy development and growth.



2022-2023 United Way Funded Programs

The Child and Family Center provides prevention, early intervention, and counseling in a warm and supportive environment, helping children and caregivers develop resilience, positive relationships, and work through issues related to physical and sexual abuse, violence, grief, and traumatic experiences that impact mental health.


The Social-Emotional Wellness program provides on-site prevention, early intervention, and targeted treatment for infants, toddlers, and young children in shelters, schools, and subsidized childcare centers in vulnerable neighborhoods.


Fighting ACEs provides prevention and intervention services for children, teens, and families experiencing dysfunction related to substance misuse, abuse, and dependency.