10 Reasons to Support

  1. Because the need is great. 46% of 3rd graders read below grade level in Palm Beach County. More than 150,000 children and adults go to bed hungry each night. And approximately 1,500 people experience homelessness in Palm Beach County on any given day (a majority are children).
  2. Because resources are scarce. The economic downturn coupled with a decline in government funding for health and human services has forced many agencies to reduce or eliminate critical program or close their doors altogether.
  3. Because your gift will deliver results. Every program that the Town of Palm Beach United Way invests in must demonstrate measurable and lasting results, which ensures that your contribution makes the greatest possible impact.
  4. Because your contribution helps your local community. All dollars donated to the Town of Palm Beach United Way stay in Palm Beach County.  The Town of Palm Beach United Way improves lives by investing your dollars in the work of health and human service agencies that share our goals to help families become financially stable and independent, help children and youth succeed, and improve people’s mental and physical health.
  5. Because your donation does more than fund programs. The Town of Palm Beach United Way finds innovative ways to address short-term individual needs, while working toward long-term community solutions.
  6. Because your dollars leverage more dollars. The Town of Palm Beach United Way builds relationships and partnerships with the right people, organizations and businesses who bring the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done.
  7. Because no agency or program can do it alone. It takes coordination and an entire network of programs and services to keep our community strong. We work with the whole community to help the whole person.
  8. Because your gift will address the great needs. The Town of Palm Beach United Way has been serving the health and human service needs of individuals and families in Palm Beach County since 1945. With over 75 years of experience we truly understand the challenges facing our community.
  9. Because we all benefit from United Way. Our work is about mobilizing the caring power of every individual to make our community stronger and healthier.
  10. Because your gift will change lives. Picture a community where children and youth are successful in school and beyond. Where families are self-sufficient. And where every individual is thriving. This is the Palm Beach County we want, the Palm Beach County that is possible with your support.