Loyal Contributors


The Town of Palm Beach United Way would like to thank the following donors for their incredible generosity and faithfulness through many years of giving. Your consistent support has changed lives.

Donors for 25 years or more

Ann Appleman * Dale H. Benjamin * The Breakers * Rita and Charles Bronfman * Virginia S. Burke * Atesh Chandra * Mr. and Mrs. Alan Curtis, Curtis Family Foundation, Inc. * Edith R. Dixon * Mr. and Mrs. Murray H. Goodman * Mr. and Mrs. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. * Doris Grabosky * Lionel P. Greenbaum * J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Foundation * Heather and Patrick Henry * Mrs. Philip Hulitar * Mrs. Ronnie Isenberg * Dorothy and Sidney Kohl * Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leone * Mrs. Norman Leventhal * Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. McIntosh, IV * Sydelle F. Meyer * Mrs. Alan H. Miller * Mr. and Mrs. George M. Moffett, II * Mrs. Eugene J. Ribakoff * Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr. * Philip S. Savage, Jr. * The Leighton A. Rosenthal Family Foundation * Mr. and Mrs. Bailey B. Sory, III

Donors for 20 - 24 years

Dorothy Adler * Ulf L. Albert * Alley, Maass, Rogers & Lindsay, P.A. * Dr. and Mrs. Michael Andrews * Phyllis Aronson * Frank S. Bell Jr. * Gladys Benenson, President The Edward H. Benenson Foundation, Inc. * Michele and Lawrence Beyer * Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Bleznak * Leona Chanin * Mr. and Mrs. William M. Claggett * Mrs. Bradley Collins * Patricia L. Cook * Mrs. Mortimer L. Curran * Mrs. Edward J. Danziger * Renate and Alex Dreyfoos * Mr. and Mrs. Ira A. Eichner * Gail and Alfred Engelberg * Helen Fealy * Sumner and Esther Feldberg * Wells Fargo * William E. Flaherty * Miriam Flamm * Janet Fuhrman * Sara Gadd * Bernard and Sarah Gewirz * Mrs. Norman Goldblum * Arlette B. Gordon * Elizabeth and Robert Green * Mr. and Mrs. Irving J. Halpern * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Hanley * Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lee Hanley, Jr. * Dick and Mary Harrington * Edward L. Hennessy and Ruth S. Hennessy Foundation, Inc. * Hon. and Mrs. Harris N. Hollin * International Society of Palm Beach * Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Jones, Jr. * Dr. Elliot and Fruema Klorfein * Milton A. & Charlotte R. Kramer Charitable Foundation * Sir Geoffrey and Lady Leigh * Barbara R. Levine * H. Irwin and  Ellen Levy * Locke Lord *Vicki and Arthur Loring * Sondra and David S. Mack * Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Mack * Joyce McLendon * Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Meek, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. George J. Michel, Jr. * Donald and Patricia Mintmire * Mrs. Robert  M. Montgomery, Jr. * The Mary Alice Fortin Foundation * Danielle Moore * Mr. and Mrs. James L. Myers, Sr. * Gail Nessel * Northern Trust, N.A. * Larry Ochstein * Mr. and Mrs. Keith Palagye * Palm Beach Daily News * Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Polozker * Publix SuperMarkets, Inc. * Bitty and Peter Rapaport * Joyce Reingold * Helen D. Rodbell * MLKA Foundation * Leslie Rose * Judith P. and S. Lawrence Schlager * Lewis Schott * Marvin and Edie Schur * Diane Shapiro * Carl and Ruth Shapiro * Sylvia Slifka * The Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc. * Mrs. Earl E.T. Smith * E. Lynn Surovek * Mrs. Michael L. Tarnopol * Town of Palm Beach * Mr. and Mrs. Martin Trust * Jim and Beth Walton * Babbette Wolff * Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Wyett * Robert H. Zimmer

Donors for 15 - 19 years

Cappy Abraham * Jane R. Abrams * Ruth C. Abramson * Frederick  Adler * Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Alperin * Barbara Andrews * Marcia and Eugene Applebaum * Joan and Robert S. Aronson * Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Baker * James M. Ballentine, Jr. * Bank of America * Eileen Berman and Jay Bauer * Hilda M. Beach * Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Belfer * Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Berenson * Mrs. Martin S. Berger * Judy Bergman * Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Berman * Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Bernon * Ruth Birnbaum * Mr. and Mrs. Martin Blackman * John W. Blades * Mrs. Claude M. Blair * Ellen H. Block * Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Bracci * Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bratman * Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker * Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brownstein * Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Burdett * Mrs. Henry S. Cahill * Tish Carlo * Anne Carmichael * A. Jeanne Marks * The Carriage House * Joan Chorney * Citibank * Carol Feinberg Cohen * Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cohon * Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Cole * Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coniglio * Mark W. Cook * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davimos * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davison * Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Deane * Diane Debear * Rita H. Denerstein * Marie P. Deppen * Mrs. Paul G. Desmarais, Sr. * Mrs. A. Ephraim Diamond * Carol Digges * Margaret C. Donnelley * Mr. and Mrs. Willis Du Pont * Shirley Duhl * Bonnie and Donald Dwares * Diana and Llwyd Ecclestone * Harriett Eckstein * Joan K. Eigen * Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Eisenberg * Amb. and Mrs. Edward E. Elson * Mr. and Mrs. David H. Feinberg * Mickey and Charlie Feldberg * Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Fenvessy * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Fine * Mr. and Mrs. Milton Fine * Malka Fingold * Gwen Fisher * Kathleen Fisher * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Fiverson * Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Floersheimer * Mrs. Henry L. Foster * Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach * Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.  Fromer * Gloria Fryer * Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Ganek * Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Gantcher * Florence Gaynor * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Gilbane, Jr. * Mrs. Edward A. Gillespie * Anonymous * Albert Goldberg * Mr. and Mrs. Avram J. Goldberg * Harriet Golding and William Martin * Audrey Goodman * Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Grabel * Ruby Herman Green * Sylvia Greenberg * Mr. and Mrs. Allan Greenblatt * Peggy and Richard D. Greenfield * Mrs. Arthur Gross * Marcia Groverman * Mr. and Mrs. Charles de Gunzburg * Phyllis Pressman Gurwin * Susan G. Guttman * J.M. Rubin Foundation * Paula J. Harris * Sandra Heine * Jim Held and Kenn Karakul * Mrs. W. Bernard Herman * Marianne and Marshall Hess * Ronnie F. Heyman * Betty Jean Himeles * Mr. and Mrs. Joel S. Hirsch * Mrs. Leo A. Hodroff * Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hoffman * Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz * Mrs. Milton M. Howard * J.P. Morgan Chase * Ellen and Robert Jaffe * Mr. and Mrs. John L. Jennings* Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Kalikow * Dr. and Mrs. Michael Kalisman * Mrs. Helene Karp * Anonymous * Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Katz * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaufman * Arlene Kaufman and Sanford Baklor * Barbara Kay * John M. Kindred * Herbert D. Klein * Lisa Koeper * The Honorable E. Leo Kolber * Joyce Koslow * Sandra G. Krakoff * Bernice Krupp * Janet Kwass * Mrs. Sheldon Landau * Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Lane *Audrey M. Larman * The Lauder Foundation - Leonard and Judy Lauder Fund * Kenneth R. LaVoy, Jr. * Law Offices of Lee B. Gordon, P.A. * Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Lederer * Mrs. Mark T. Lederman * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lee * Isabelle Leeds * Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Lester * Mrs. Gavin K. Letts * Petra and Stephen Levin * Claire M. Levine * Mr. and Mrs. Jack Levins * Mr. and Mrs. Allyn L. Levy * Shirley Feldberg Levy * Linda R. Olsson, Inc. * Dr. and Mrs. Harvey List * Anonymous * Mrs. Michael Longo * Mr. and Mrs. K. Prescott Low * Joan Lupovich * Amb. and Mrs. Earle I. Mack * Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mack * Mrs. Howard B. Major, Jr. * Mr. and Mrs. Burton J. Manning * Mrs. Robert P. Marcus * Mrs. Bernard A. Marden * Pat Markowitz * Zelda and Allen Mason * Maus & Hoffman *The Hon. Jack L. McDonald * Robert Meister * Elsa S. Messing * Mettler, Shelton, Randolph, Carroll & Sterlacci, P.L. * Anonymous * Suzanne and Joseph Michaan * Anita and Sam Michaels * Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Miller * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Minikes * Mrs. Carolyn Minskoff * Mr. and Mrs. Trip Moore * Chieko Morell * Charlotte Morris * Mr. and Mrs. David H. Moscow * Mr. and Mrs. Lee Munder * Suzanne and Terrence Murray * Mr. and Mrs. James L. Myers, Jr. * Mrs. John Netzky * Thomas S. Nicholson * Mr. and Mrs. Harold Oelbaum * Selma H. Orleans * Palm Beach Public School * Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Peltz * Raymond G. Perelman * Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Picotte * PNC Bank * Evelyn Polansky * Daniel E. Ponton * Robert Postal * Randolph A. Hopkins and Associates * Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Rapaport * Steven N. Rappaport and Judith A. Garson * Mrs. Wiley R. Reynolds * Richters of Palm Beach, Inc. * Mrs. Benedict Rosenberg * Dorvin M. Rosenberg * Baylie and Marvin Rosenberg * Mr. and Mrs. E. John Rosenwald, Jr. * Mrs. George M. Ross * Barbara and Richard Rothschild * Rachel Rudin * Mr. and Mrs. David L. Rudnick * Mr. and Mrs. S. Lyon Sachs * Jean Salerno * Frances G. Scaife * David and Betty Scaff * Frances G Scaife * Mr. and Mrs. John F. Scarpa * Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Schapiro * Vivian Scharer * Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Y. Schram * Barbara Schreckinger * Sunny Sessa * Muriel A. Shapiro * Mrs. Philip L. Shapiro * Paula L. Sidman *Herbert J. and Phyllis Siegel * Howard and Patricia Silverstein * Mr. and Mrs. John Stephen Singer * Linda Siris * Melvin Sirow * Gordon H. Smith * Beverly Sommer * Mr. and Mrs. William J. Soter * Tubby Stayman * Louise H. Stephaich * Mr. Burton and Dr. Barbara Stern * Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Strasser * Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Strauss * Richard Sussman * Mrs. Edgar A. Swindle * Bud Tamarkin * Mr. and Mrs. Morris Tarkinow * Robert and Julia Taubman * Mr. and Mrs. Benedict Tessler * Mr. and Mrs. John Toner * Geraldine J. Trent * Betsy and Wally Turner * Mrs. William S. Watchman, Jr. * Ann and Baxter Webb * Mr. and Mrs. Irving Weinberg * Robert F. Weinberg * Violet M. Werner * Nancy F. Wheeler * RADM Philip A. Whitacre * Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wildenberg * Mrs. David A. Wingate * Mrs. James W. Winston * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Winter * Mr. and Mrs. Erving Wolf * Lee Wolf and Dr. Jordan Cohen * Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wolpin * Dr. and Mrs. James Yashar * Mrs. Lawrence Zake * Harriet  Zimmerman

Donors for 10 - 14 years

Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Agnello * Marjorie Alfus * Helaine Allen * Mr. and Mrs. A. Edward Allinson * Alpert Family Foundation, Robert Alpert, Hillary Alpert, Gladys Alpert * Mr. and Mrs. Robert Appel * Lisa Archer * James Y. Arnold, Jr. * Harris and Angela Ashton * Nicole and David Atkinson * Mr. and Mrs. E. William Aylward * Colleen Bain * Robin Baker * Laurel Baker * Priscilla Balbinder * Maria Barnes * Judy and Ron Baron * Mrs. Morton J. Baum * Diane Belfer * Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Belfer * Howard B. Bernick * Arlene and Harvey Blau * Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Bogen * John W. Broderick, III * Carolyn and David Brodsky * Martha F. Brooks * Brown Harris Stevens * Mrs. Sylvan Buchman * Cafe Cellini * Mr. and Mrs. Manley Caldwell * Mr. and Mrs. John Calicchio * Capehart Photography, Inc. * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carney * Mrs. William B. Cary * Mr. and Mrs. Irwin J. Chase * Etonella Christlieb * James McConnell Clark * Anita Cohen * Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Cohen * Mrs. Arthur G. Cohen * Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cohen * Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colin * Colony Hotel * Cristina B. Condon * Cucina dell' Arte * Peter D. and Julie Fisher Cummings * Carla and Henry Darlington, Jr. * Kathy M. Delaney * Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Donnelley, III * Dorothy Engels-Gulden * E. R. Bradley's Saloon * Jill Elisofon * Charlotte G. Ellis * Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Endelson * Sheila and Alec Engelstein * Mrs. Irwin B. Eskind * Leslie A. Fallon * Mr. and Mrs. Larry Field * Findlay Galleries International, Inc. * Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Fischbach * Miles and Shirley Fiterman Charitable F * Anonymous * Cynthia Friedman * Roy L. Furman * June Gara * Lori and Bruce Gendelman * Mrs. Martin Glatter * Marvin A. Goldenberg * Judith E. Goldfarb * Jacqueline Goldman * C. Gerald Goldsmith * Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gordon * Norma R. Grabler * Olive Greeff * Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Green * Gunster * Mrs. Lawrence Hastings * Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Hershaft * Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hertog * Bruce M. Heyman * Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Hill * Col. and Mrs. Harold Hill * Judi and Roger Hochstin * Mr. and Mrs. Albert D. Hutzler, III * Lucille M. Jacobs * Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Jacobson * John D. O'Neill, Esquire * Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kamin * Mr. Martin R. Karlin * Irene and Jim Karp * Betty H. Katz * Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kaye * Susan Keenan * Paul Kenison * Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kessler * Henni and John Kessler * William P. King * Mr. and Mrs. David H. Koch * Dr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Koch * Mr. and Mrs. William W. Koeppel * Mrs. Betty Landa * Lawrence A. Moens Associates, Inc. * Carole Lembo * Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lerner * Mr. and Mrs. John A. Levin * Frances and Jack Levy Foundation * Gerald H. Levy * Robert A. Lewis * George L. and Dr. Frayda B. Lindemann * Mr. and Mrs. Robb Maass * Hildegarde Mahoney * Maison Maurice * Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Mandel * Arline B. Marantz * Morris and Susan Mark; Mark Asset Management Corp. * Tracy Markin * Sidney Marks * Nancy L. Marks * Elaine and Peter Massa * Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthews * Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. May * Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McDonough * Pamela and Brian McIver * Dr. and Mrs. R. Earl McLoud * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meier * Jean and Wayne Meisenzahl * Mrs. Herbert L. Merin * Merrill Lynch * Sandra and Edward Meyer * Denise and William A. Meyer * Marilyn S. Meyerhoff * Mr. and Mrs. Bradford P. Miller * Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Miller * Frances W. Miller * Mr. and Mrs. Leverett S. Miller * Sydell L. Miller * Tim and Bridget Moran * Morgan Stanley Dean Witter * Irving Morris * Dr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Moskowitz * Sarah Murphy * Mr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy * Stephen Murray and Muffie Bancroft * Aileen and Alvin Murstein * Patty Myura, Eleanor Patterson Reeves Foundation * Robert E. Nederlander, Sr. * Neiman Marcus * Heidi and John Niblack * Nick and Johnnie's * Alton J. O'Neil * Palm Beach Day Academy * Palm Beach Towers * Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Partrich * Barbara and Jerry Pearlman * Mr. and Mrs. Joel I. Picket * Arthur and Mary Louise Poisson * John and Monika Preston * Thomas C. Quick * Anonymous * Rob and Julie Reveley * Mrs. Robert Rewey * Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Ribakoff, II * Evelyn Richter * Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Ritman * Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Robbins * Dick and Sally Robinson * Roberta N. Robinson * Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rome * Linda Rossbach * Millicent Zahn Rudnick * Abby and Reid Ruttenberg * Pamela Saba * Sabadell United Bank, N.A. * Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Schuster * Hazel Scott * Scott Lewis Gardening & Trimming * Seagull Services * Anonymous * Joan and Jerry Serchuck * Betty Sue Shapiro * Carol A. Sherman * Dr. and Mrs. Irving J. Sherman * Sherry Frankel's Melangerie *Murray G. Shocket * Ellin D. Shore * Jane Simon * Dr. and Mrs. Loron Simon * Selma Terner Slater * Gilda Slifka * Mr. and Mrs. Albert  H. Small * Mr. and Mrs. Eliot I. Snider * Sotheby's International Realty * Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Spector * Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Stern * Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Strogoff * Eleanor Suchoff * Helen Sweig * Mrs. A. Alfred Taubman * Susan and Dom Telesco * Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Thomas * Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson * Norma and Bill Tiefel * Robbi and Bruce Toll * Mrs. Pasquale Valenti * Valley National Bank * Irene Vassilaros * Kathryn and Leo Vecellio * Mr. and Mrs. William G. Wagner * Kate and Mitchell Watson * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weinberg * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Weiner * Ira P. Weinstein * Ruth Puder Weiss * F. Gordon and Katherine F. Willis * Wilshire International Realty, Inc. * Belle Winston * Maury Wolfe * Suzanne and Bob Wright * Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Young * Mrs. John H. Zeeman, III * Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zucker * Roy J. Zuckerberg