Investments in financial stability lift people out of poverty because they allow working adults to build valuable skills so they can earn more, pay down debt, develop assets, and save for the future.  The Town of Palm Beach United Way's work on financial stability focuses on keeping people off of the streets, away from crime, and into a stable lifestyle which is crucial to creating a safe and healthy community for us all.  The entire community benefits from families and individuals who achieve financial stability.  Without financial stability, individuals are more likely to engage in crime and risky behaviors and are more prone to illness.  Thousands of workers lack skills required to secure jobs that pay family-sustaining wages. 

Town of Palm Beach United Way's Income Agenda

  • Every household is supported by an income that enables long-term financial stability

Investments in Income

Access to Jobs and Job Skills

Financial Stability

The Facts

  • A report by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce predicts that by 2018, 63% of all jobs will require at least some post-secondary education. 
  • 14.5% of Palm Beach County residents live below the federal poverty level; and for children under the age of 6 the rate is 26.4%.
  • On any given day in Palm Beach County there are over 1,400 individuals who are homeless
  • Palm Beach County ranks #2 in Florida for children living in spaces not designated for human habitation.