Basic Needs



Investments in basic needs help our most vulnerable neighbors get back on their feet in times of crisis.  While we work to address the root causes of important community issues, The Town of Palm Beach United Way realizes that there are individuals in our region who need our support right now.  We work to improve housing and housing support services, food assistance programs, personal safety services and disaster response systems.  Rarely are any of us prepared when a crisis hits.  But when a crisis does occur, United Way is there, providing those in need with services and assistance to bring the stability they need to get back on track.

Town of Palm Beach United Way's Basic Needs Agenda

  • Our most vulnerable neighbors receive support in times of crisis.

Investments in Basic Needs 

Basic Need Support

Safe Homes

The Facts

  • 45% of Palm Beach County residents live at 200% or below the federal poverty level.
  • 98 hours a week, 52 weeks a year is what a minimum-wage worker must work to afford a one-bedroom apartment in Palm Beach County.
  • 61% of Palm Beach County renters spend 30% or more of household income on rent.
  • 25% of all households in Palm Beach County have at least one of the following housing problems: overcrowding, high housing costs, lack of a kitchen or lack of plumbing facilities
  • 15.4% of Palm Beach County residents are food insecure - meaning they are unsure where their next meal will come from.